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As first vice president of investments, Thomas Zenovic currently manages more than $400 million in assets for Merrill Lynch. Among the leading investment firms in the United States, Merrill Lynch specializes in a variety of financial sectors, including timeshare.

Although the timeshare market has experienced its difficulties, a new online timeshare site called Vacatia hopes to boost the industry’s reputation. Recently, the company raised more than $5 million to put toward content development, infrastructure, and marketing.

Vacatia provides a way for sellers to create and post listings, which can then be searched by site users. In order to maintain a level of integrity, the staff members guarantee that each listing is accurate and verified. The Vacatia staff features a collective of experienced business members, including Spencer Rascoff, CEO of Willow; Erik Blanchford, former CEO of Expedia; Thomas Byrne, former CEO of eHarmony; Robert Spottswood, former president of LoopNet; and Greg Waldorf, director of Trulia.